Peachtree Senior Village

Peachtree Senior Village will be a 40 unit apartment community for seniors located in Liberty, SC off N Peachtree Street. Peachtree Senior Village will consist of one 3-story building with an elevator. Construction began in May, 2016.

Peachtree Senior Village will be located within 1/2 mile of a pharmacy, a convenience store and gas station, a restaurant, numerous retail establishments, a doctor’s office, a public school, a bank, a library and a public park/walking track. The Property is also located within one mile of a grocery store and fire station. All of the amenities offer close proximity to services and employment opportunities. Peachtree Senior Village offers the best of both worlds with regards to price reasonableness and proximity to amenities and services.

The property will provide a spacious community center that will be furnished with televisions, a leasing area, a fitness center with low-impact exercise equipment appropriate for an aging population, a computer center, and gathering areas.

We are very excited to bring Peachtree Senior Village to the City of Liberty, Pickens County and to provide safe, affordable quality housing to its citizens.