Irby Senior Village

Irby Senior Village will be located in Florence, SC off Federal Court and Irby Street. The surrounding uses adjacent to the property include vacant land to the west, vacant land and a commercial enterprise to the north, vacant land and a duplex to the east, and vacant land and a credit union to the south. The property will consist of 40 total one and two bedroom units. All of the units will be located in one three story building that is elevator assisted.

Irby Senior Village will be located within close proximity to a number of amenities including a full service grocery store, a pharmacy, a convenience store and gas station, a restaurant, a strip mall with more than four retail stores, a doctor’s office, a bowling alley and a bank, a YMCA, a school and a fire station. All of the amenities offer close proximity to services and employment opportunities. We believe Irby Senior Village offers the best of both worlds with regards to price reasonableness and proximity to amenities and services.

The property will provide a spacious community building that will be furnished with televisions, a leasing area, a computer center and gathering areas. The community building will also have a fitness center with a minimum of three nautilus type work-out machines. This fitness center meets the requirements of a recreation area for housing for older persons.

We are very excited about the proposed development and look forward to working with the County of Florence and SC Housing, to provide safe, affordable, and quality housing to its citizens.