A.L. Miller Village

Peachtree Housing Communities in partnership with Oracle Consulting Services is excited to announce the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of A.L. Miller Village! Work is expected to start in late summer of 2015. A.L. Miller Village is an Historic Landmark School campus located on an eleven acre site at 2241 Montpelier Avenue, Macon, Bibb County, Georgia. A.L. Miller Village is centrally located with off-site amenities within walking distance including churches, medical offices, Mercer University, local parks and numerous retail outlets. The campus consists of three separate buildings, the High School, the freestanding Gymnasium building and the Elementary School building with an attached Administration building. Both Low-Income Housing Tax Credits and Historic Tax Credits will be utilized to finance the development of A.L. Miller Village. The Development will consist of:

  • 62 one, two and three bedroom units located in the existing historic buildings,
  • Nine (9) freestanding single family homes along Birch Street (this borders the West side of the site)
  • Onsite parking with numerous site amenities
  • New design initiatives to accommodate Accessibility Requirements including an elevator
  • Sustainable designs certified by the EarthCraft Communities program
  • The preservation of the existing Historic Buildings and details per the National Park Service requirements for Historic structures
  • The upgrade of all operating systems to meet or exceed current local, state, national and international building code requirements and

The A. L. Miller School Campus is currently listed on the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation ‘2008 Places in Peril’. This designation refers to historic buildings that the Trust believes to be significant Historic structures that are “threatened by demolition, neglect, lack of maintenance, inappropriate development or insensitive public policy”. Oracle Consulting Services and Peachtree Housing Communities (the Team) recognized the potential of the Miller School for redevelopment and adaptive reuse into affordable housing and began formulating a strategy to accomplish this goal.

The development Team worked closely with members of the community including the Honorable Mayor Robert Reichert, The City of Macon, Macon-Bibb County Planning and Zoning Commission, the Bibb County School District, Historic Preservation Division, Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the Fuller Center for Housing of Macon, GA to formulate a comprehensive redevelopment strategy for the Miller School and surrounding adjacent area. The A. L. Miller School is specifically listed as a target property for redevelopment by the City of Macon Urban Redevelopment Plan 2011 Urban Renewal Plan and, although it has been sitting vacant for the last 6 years, is seen by the City of Macon as an instrumental part to help revive the area. Substantial investments by Mercer University, the City of Macon, the Bibb County School District and the Macon Housing Authority in the surrounding areas have assisted with revitalization efforts.

The problem of how to deal with vacant and boarded abandoned buildings in our communities has been one of the most daunting tasks as planners and developers in the United States. As with other cities in the US, The City of Macon, as part of its strategic initiatives, has instituted a policy goal of cleaning up blight. To this end the city has demolished over 100 structures in the last two years. This type of policy, although steeped in good intentions, sometimes destroys the existing historic urban fabric vital to the collective memory of a community. When other options are available, as with the rehabilitation of the AL Miller School, we preserve the fabric of the neighborhood while also providing housing for future generations, permanent community employment and sustainable community redevelopment.

We are excited about the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of the A.L. Miller school into A.L. Miller Village and we look forward to being a part of the vibrant community in Macon, GA!