Oak Forest Senior

Oak Forest Senior (“Oak Forest”) is a forty-one unit apartment community designed for seniors (age 62 and older) that underwent a complete renovation and rehabilitation that was completed in June, 2013. PHC added a number of amenities including an ADA compliant raised and fenced community garden, a fitness center equipped with low impact exercise equipment appropriate for aging populations, a new covered mail kiosk, a gazebo, a computer room and a revamped community gathering room for our residents’ use.

In addition to the common amenities, the exterior and interior of the all of the units were fully rehabilitated. All units received new doors, windows, flooring, refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and HVAC units, along with numerous other improvements. These improvements will allow for a higher quality of life for the residents and allow for greater accessibility. Oak Forest is located in Eastman, GA at 963 Oak Forest Drive. We are excited to be able to offer the newly renovated and rehabilitated Oak Forest Apartments to the residents of Eastman!

For further information on leasing, please use the contact information on the link below:

Boyd Management – Oak Forest Senior